Military Plaques

Military Men Lead a Life Full of Commitments

Joining the military and serving the country is an honor in itself. Not everyone is lucky enough to get through the various tests and processes. It is also a big commitment in itself both for you as well as the military. This commitment cannot be taken lightly. For a common man, the lives of Army and military men are full of thrill, adventure and heroism but not many know the commitments that these individuals make when joining their service. In this article we will let you take a closer look at the lives of military men and women and the commitments they make.

Signing the Contract

When an individual joins the military to serve the nation, there are various rules and codes of conduct that he has to follow. The new recruits are handed an enlistment contract that contains details regarding the job training guarantees, commitments, bonuses, and other incentives. The contract is signed at the time of joining the service.

Commitments at the Time of Training

Creating a military person requires extensive training and the individuals have to go through many advanced training programs. Some of these programs require some extra service commitments and active duty time. These commitments may go in parallel with the other existing ones.

Change of Stations

When you are serving the country, your base may change often so you cannot expect to stay in one place permanently throughout your duty tenure. This is a part of military life. You will need to keep moving from one station to another, wherever the need is required. Individuals who have already served more than two years will need to accept extra service obligation. This is mostly done through extension of the current enlistment.

The Re-enlistment Commitment

After your stay in the military is over, there will be plenty of opportunities available to extend your tenure. Additional services and bonuses are offered to those who are re-enlisted due to possession of high demand skills.

Is it Possible to Break the Commitments?

Many people wonder – what if the commitments are broken?  Simply put, getting out of a commitment is not possible and the types of difficulties are many depending upon the need of the country and the talents available in that specific field. Anyone who joins the Army or military should plan about fulfilling the commitments made.

The lives of military and army men and filled with challenges starting from surviving in tough situations, staying away from family, fighting enemies in extreme conditions and so on. No wonder they are also regarded highly and honored in special way by the government.

One great way to honor soldiers is to give them military plaques that contain names and particular dates. These make great retirement gifts and can also be given as honor on special occasions. The military plaques and shields can be displayed in the living room, hall or office. They tell stories of bravery, of hardships, victory, joy, pain, sorrow and a myriad of other emotions that the military men experience during their service period.